Moon Children have a very special connection to the moon, planets, and universal energy...

  • SENSITIVITY TO MOON PHASES, PLANETARY SHIFTS & CHANGES: Do you find that you are sensitive to moon phases such as full moon or new moon? Or that you are sensitive to energy waves, or planetary shifts such as lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, retrogrades, etc.?
  • DO YOU QUESTION SOCIAL "NORMS": Do you find that typical social norms don't suit you or make sense to you? Do you have a hard time with structure? Such as a typical 9-5 job? Or do you value your freedom and life experience over money?
  • SLEEPING ISSUES: Do you have inconsistent sleep patterns? Have a hard time sleeping ? Or wake up during early morning hours wide awake?
  • ENERGETIC OR EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD: Do you find that sometimes you're more emotional than normal but you don't know why? Do you have anxiety? Or are you prone to having anxiety, panic attacks, or being anxious?

Would you like to find out if you are a Moon Child?


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